Friday, March 11, 2011



Kerry: Ominous - I took this picture from my balcony about 3 hours after the first earthquake. The water was starting to actually look turquoise, which usually only happens right after a major storm. (I guess a major earthquake shakes the water up almost as much as a typhoon.) The wind is starting to pick up and the clouds turned black before the sun went down - great, just what we need, a storm on top of the tsunami.
ETA: The tsunami didn't reach us here in our part of Tokyo Bay. We were very, very lucky; we didn't even lose power here on base. Others were not so lucky. Don't worry about me, pray for those up north who lost everything.

Tara: I had a picture ready for today, but it's really insignificant to what Kerry is going through right now. Today I'd rather keep the focus on Japan and everything everyone there is going through. Love and thoughts to Kerry, my friends in Japan and to all the people that are affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

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